*Early Bird Plan: Limited Free Offers.


Everything Begins from here

The creativity of men started an ever expanding revolution of the virtual world.

The combination of design and technology makes IP characters possible, allowing them to live in this three-dimensional world.

Let’s enter the gate to the futuristic world of virtualization: TOGATER SUPER POST.


TOGATER gives you

  • IP Virtualization

Allowing your IP character to join the massive world of virtualization in TOGATER, we will upgrade your two-dimensional IP into a 3D character with unique trait and personality.

  • IP Interaction

Allowing your IP character to increase interaction with the users.  With our "Super Editor", your character will have more personality and become more vivid in the users’ daily lives.

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Togater Super Post  - Upgrade your ip

By integrating the latest technologies, Togater Super Post gives you the opportunity to reimagine your IP.


From 2D to 3D

  • Give your IP a soul

  • 10 seconds to edit the emotions, to add voice and to output the animation

  • Share with 1 click

  • Can interact with other IP



Virtual Integration

  • With Augmented Reality, you can put your IP into the real world
  • Notificate people when they "pass by" your IP
  • Bring your fans from online to offline


Voice Control

  • Voice control gives your fans a new way to interact with your IP

  • Easier to add IP movements

  • Connect to virtual assistant to build REAL relationship with your fans



REAL "interaction" data analysis

  • IP Global Exposure
  • Use gaming and campaign to segmentation your fans
  • Next generation of CRM

The era of IP is here, let’s kick off the party!
— Feric, ceo of fevolution


*Early Bird Plan: Limited Free Offers.