Dicers and Togaters


There are two types of creatures in the Unizone, both are required to be captured.  One of which are the Dicers, their purpose is to cultivate and grow resources on your Core.  Various types of Dicers are specialized to cultivate a specific type of resources, in order to accumulate a variation of resources you must capture the designated Dicers to help you.  In a way they’re the farmers of your Core!



Here it yes!  You probably have been wondering what TOGATER means, whaalaaaaaa, they are the other unique creatures that roams around the Unizone.  They have their personalities, forms, characteristics and families.  


The Phantom Togaters resembles the look of ghosts, they don’t have legs and literally flies around the Unizone.  They tends to be more timid and emotional, some would say they’re romantic, but find out more in later blogs as we introduce more Phantom Togaters.


The Android Togaters looks like they are robots from a space shuttle, they lack emotions and are more rigid.  They are very straightforward and tends to do everything by the rules.  Very predictable.


The Creature Togaters embodies characteristics of animals from Earth, some have wing features like a raptor, some have amphibian-like legs and some look like fishes.  They are passionate, active, intelligent and playful.


The Walkers Togaters resembles Homo Sapiens the most, they have legs and arms and carries a lot of human emotions, such as self-consciousness, complaints and regrets.  In the later blogs we will continue to introduce specific Togaters and their very own stories and personalities.  So stay tuned.

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